Upcoming TV Appearances

You can catch us on a television screen near you this week and next week! See below for the full schedule of our upcoming appearances. 

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"The First Noel" Fan A Cappella Covers

Want the chance to have your own a cappella rendition of PTX's arrangement of "The First Noel" included in a playlist on the official PTX YouTube channel? 

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We are BEYOND excited to finally be able to share with you the #PentatonixAlbum that we have worked so hard on over the last year! 

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New Video: The Evolution of Michael Jackson!
Yesterday we released a new video - Evolution of Michael Jackson - in honor of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.   Check it out! 
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PTX + The Rolling Stone

Scott caught up with The Rolling Stone to talk about Pitch Perfect 2, recording our next album, and more!

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: RT @KOlusola: I get out of a recording session to find THIS! An original gold album! Wow how amazing!!!!! Thank you guuyyyzzz! https://t.co/9kNexak31N

: RT @kirstin_taylor: OMG 😭 Thank you all!!! What an honor!! Gold original album!! 💕✨🎉 love u all https://t.co/nwMRVmDsnS

: RT @mitchgrassi: WOW our album went gold today!! Thank you all so much I'm so happy!!! 📀📀📀📀📀📀📀📀❤️❤️❤️💋💕🍾 @PTXofficial

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